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Perfect so far....

After experiencing 2 failures at 18 months with a cheaper temputure based unit, I decided to spend a little more and invest some time. Turns out this was so easy to install and very affordable. Drilling the sump for the backup float switch took the longest time at 15 minutes. Thanks for the advice BRS. After that was done, the two level sensors went in and I mounted the controller to the panel. It is perfectly small and fits in only 4 inches of space. My system is gravity fed. So, I ordered the solenoid valve and adjusted the plumbing a little. It plugged right in in place of the pump and works perfectly. It holds back the 4 feet of static head pressure from my DI drum. The system thinks it is a pump and opens it when needed. I hope to get the water changes going soon. Might post another review after that. For now, I’ll say this is an excellent product. Brilliant design, easy, intuitive, simple and effective. It might be appropriate to call it the iPhone of the ATO options.

client 1 Reefer Rob July 8, 2018 / BulkReefSupply

Smart and Easy

It is so nice just to plug something in and it works, simplicity! Well made with great quality. Anything is worth it to protect from an overflow or running your return pump dry. I just ordered one for my skimmer. I love tech especially when you just pug and play. Great product!

client 1 Scott June 12, 2018 / BulkReefSupply