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Smart ATO nano

An unique HOB (Hang-on-Back) ATO integrated with one optical dual sensor and one replaceable diaphragm pump, which is ideal for nano and pico aquariums under 50 gallons.

Smart ATO Nano has a Unique Hang On Back Design
The AutoAqua Smart Stir: Improving Reef Tank Test Kit Procedures One Test at a Time!
AutoAqua Smart Security System: Protection from the most common reef tank failures in one bundle.
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Time Saver

What a great product. Usually takes me 10 - 15 minutes to run my Red Sea calcium test. This thing cut it down to 5 minutes easy. Maybe less. I didn't time it. But what a time save.

Same thing with my AquaForest magnesium test. Cut the time by more than half.

And its awesome how the color changes happen so rapidly and clearly. Great product.

client 1 Dennis March 12, 2021 / Bulk Reef Supply

Saved my sump from skimmate overflow!!

I was skeptical at first by this because my skimmer is the Octo 110SSS and the cup is a narrow diameter. But when I needed it to work it did great! Something made my skimmer go crazy and it started to skim wet and overflowed into the cup.

Turned the skimmer off immediately.
Saved my sump from an overload of skimmate.

client 1 James M'Olesson November 11, 2020 / Bulk Reef Supply