Smart FLM touch
Model: SFLM-300

Why Choose Smart FLM touch ?

Smart FLM touch are designed for efficiently monitoring the flow rate and water leak. Uniquely featuring Plug and Play, the system is integrated with Smart Identification Technology (SIT) to make the installation and setting super easy. You can just plug in any size of flow sensor or leak sensor. It can automatically identify what size of sensor is plugged in. The package includes a LCD touch screen controller with three ports and a water leak sensor. More than knowing the flow rate, it allows you to be fully aware of the change of flow rate and water leak by setting the down limit of flow rate and the sensitivity of water leak for alarm. Optional flow sensors are available in 7 sizes (1/4”~2”).

Model: SFLM-300



* Flow sensors are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately.


Installation Diagram: