Satisfied so far

I purchased the Smart AWC to use on my 25 Gallon tank, and for the past few weeks it has worked like a charm. I have it set to replace 1/3 gallon every 12 hours. That works out to changing out about one 5 gallon container of SW per week that way. I had been using AutoAqua's Smart ATO Micro for top-off previously, and had been very happy with it. I never really had to think about it except when it beeped to let me know I was out of RO/DI water. Hopefully I will get the same reliability out of the AWC. They both use the same little pumps, so I was able to plug the pump from my ATO reservoir right into the AWC, and save one of the pumps that come with the AWC as a spare, which is handy to have on hand.

client 1 Matthew September 17, 2018 / bulkreefsupply

Game changer for AIO nano tanks and rimless tanks

I have 2 Red Sea rimless tanks and a JBJ nano. These ATO kits set up really fast and work every time. They really been a low cost game changer on the open top Red Sea tanks. No daily salinity swing and less daily maintenance. Perfect!

client 1 Fan of None January 13, 2019 / amazon